Alexis Fam | Malaysian Lifestyle & Wedding Photographer Alexis Fam | Malaysian Lifestyle & Wedding Photographer

Behind The Lens

I've always been artistic and filled with imagination as a child and have dabbled in many art forms such as music, illustration and design growing up. When I discovered photography at a tender age of 18, I realized immediately it was the best medium of expression for me and I have not looked back since. After exploring various genres such as landscape, fashion and street photography, I've finally found my voice in lifestyle portraiture and wedding photography and decided to establish my side hustle in 2012. Since then I've had the privilege of documenting lovers from all over the globe with no plans of stopping. 

I don't see myself as just a photographer, I solve problems so you don't have to worry on your big day. Unassuming, engaging and meticulous, I strive to provide only the best for my clients from all aspects. I guarantee that all of your moments (including those that you may not notice) will be meticulously documented and stored securely for years to come.

Through some of my favorite photos featured on this website, I hope they will speak to you about my photography style and help you determine whether I'm the right person to tell your stories. 

If you wish to reach me, send me an email or drop me a message on the contact form

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